Healthy Tips for a Healthier Family Diet


Not sure if your diet is healthy and effective? Consider the following guidelines to ensure that your diet leads to healthy living:


  1. Nutritionists say the total amount of fat in the diet of the entire family must be reduced. This can be done by choosing less fatty foods, trimming off fat from pork and beef before cooking, boiling or broiling foods instead of deep-frying, cutting off fat from foods before serving them, or using poly-unsaturated fats – soft and liquid fats or oils from plants like corn oil, peanut oil, and more.


  1. Use cholesterol-rich foods in restricted amounts or less frequently. Egg yolks and shellfish are rich in cholesterol so serve these less often or two or three times a week only.


  1. Restrict the amounts of sugar in you daily diet. Reduce the amount of sugar in coffee and other beverages. Also, no sweet bottled soft drinks and no sweets for dessert. You may also use fresh fruits instead of fruits cooked in syrup.


  1. For teenage boys, encourage them to eat fruits and drink milk in larger amounts. For filling snacks, suggest sandwiches with cheese or meat or fish fillings with fruit juice or milk.


  1. For active children who are into sports, exercises, and other outdoor activities, make sure that you feed them with food rich in calcium and potassium, which will help improve their bone and muscle strength.


  1. Some young men often start to gain weight during the first years of marriage because their brides tend to feed them too much rich foods, often to show off their culinary prowess. It is up to you to temper your cooking ambitions with discretion, to keep your husband from growing fat and becoming susceptible to heart attacks. It is always best to learn to prepare low-calorie foods and dishes.


  1. Upon reaching the age of 50, and especially after retirement, new weight problems for men come into the picture. Usually, calorie requirements decrease with age because physical activity is reduced. Elders also need high calcium intake to prevent diseases such as back pain and osteoporosis.


Save your family from detrimental diet problems before it becomes too late. Start making healthier diets for a healthier lifestyle. For optimum food choices, consult with your nutritionist. For bone and muscle improvement, a visit to your chiropractor will help.