Cancer and the Pill: Knowing the Truth


Can the contraceptive pill really cause cancer? What are the disadvantages of taking pills as contraception method? Learn how true this issue is that has been being debated for decades.

Understanding the Pill

The pill is a common method used in contraception. The pill actually contains high levels of hormones that when taken in, could stop the release of eggs, and prevent conception and pregnancy in a woman. This form of contraception is rather effective and has a more long-lasting effect than other methods.

Can the Pill Cause Cancer?

However, for decades, the debate has raged on whether taking the pill could increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer. The reason for this is the estrogen found in the pill, while it has the same effects as natural estrogens, also exacerbates the growth of present malignant growths in the breast. It has also been linked to the growth of small masses in the breast, which may cause eventual cancer.

In a recent comprehensive study though, it is found out that this may not necessarily be the case. In a research that surveyed 9000 women who belonged to the first generation who have taken contraceptives, it was found out that the risk of developing breast cancer was not greater that than the risk of those women who did not take the pill. It made no difference whether the women took the pill for an extended period of time, or when they first took the pill, or even whether breast cancer ran in their families. However, there were concerns for women aged 45 to 64 who were on hormone replacement therapy. Women who smoked and have taken hormones have a greater risk for heart disease.

In Conclusion

All of these results lead to this conclusion: the pill is still a relatively safe method for preventing pregnancy. Nevertheless, a woman must see a doctor before taking any pills, and must quit from smoking in order to reduce her risk of having a heart attack later in life.

There are also other contraception methods that one may opt to try and see which method is most compatible to them.