Understanding the Webster Chiropractic Technique


One of the groups of people determined to seek healthcare and are great beneficiaries of chiropractic care are pregnant women. Chiropractors can provide complete pregnancy care for women from pre-natal to post-natal stage. They can perform manipulative spinal adjustments to correct abnormalities and restore normal functions to the woman’s body, give guidance on nutrition to improve mother and child’s health, prescribe and implement an exercise program to help the expectant mother strengthen her muscles and prepare for delivery, provide advice and guidance on ergonomics in the workplace and home to improve her posture and prevent back pain, neck pain and leg pain, and post-childbirth care to bring the mother’s body and functions to their original state.

The spinal adjustments chiropractors do can bring alignment to the pelvis of the would-be mother.

Misaligned pelvis and decreased pelvic balance together with misaligned spine or joints are very likely possibilities resulting from the physiological and endocrinological changes in the pregnant woman’s body such as, protrusion in her abdomen, pelvic changes, increased back curve and postural adaptations. One of the serious implications of a misaligned pelvis is what is known as sacroiliac joint dysfunction or dislocation, which causes the restriction of the available room for the developing baby. This situation may lead to the baby not being in the right position or breeched with its feet first.

The Webster Chiropractic Technique

The chiropractic technique developed to allow the baby to turn around naturally and avoid the breech position is called the Webster technique. It was named after the late Larry Webster, Doctor of Chiropractic, founder of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Chiropractors around the world use this technique to bring balance in the woman’s pelvis. This state of balance increases room the baby needs to develop properly thereby facilitating the best fetal position. The increased likelihood of safe, normal and healthy delivery follows naturally and the need for cesarean section birth is avoided.

At the base of your spine is the sacrum comprising five bones fused together, which creates a platform for the vertebrae to rest on. Many activities can cause the sacrum to become misaligned or subluxated. A common cause is sitting, especially with your legs crossed, for prolonged periods of time. Injuries can also cause a misalignment of the sacrum. This misalignment or subluxations in the sacrum can cause rotation in the vertebrae that is above it. This development causes the space supposedly for the baby to move around to be limited or twisted. The Webster technique helps realign the sacrum and reduces the tension in the ligament connecting the uterus to the sacrum, using slight pressure. The goal of the procedure is to bring the sacrum to its ideal position and help provide adequate space for the baby’s movement. If it happens that the baby is breeched, then this will facilitate the baby to turn vertex or head down.

Beech presentations happen in about four percent of all pregnancies. The Webster technique effectively prevents breech babies. Chiropractors who employ the technique have 82 percent success rate. Breech presentations become a concern for healthcare service providers into the mother’s thirty seventh week of pregnancy. Results of studies however show that if the mother has breech presentation, both she and the child can benefit from the the Webster technique when it is employed as early as the eighth month of pregnancy.

The Webster technique likewise reduces the the chance of difficult labor and minimizes stress to the uterus and the ligaments supporting it.

The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association recommends chiropractic care to women throughout pregnancy. When necessary, chiropractors can employ the Webster technique for pelvic balance, which is just one of the many chiropractic care options that they can effectively tap. Pregnancy chiropractors will provide not only a safe and natural care for symptoms related to pregnancy but will help with you get the healthiest possible pregnancy and greater health potential for you and your baby.